Starting in 2016, the team is open to participation for all high school students in Baltimore City schools. Our meetings are held at 1100 Wicomico Street, Baltimore.

Our mission is to give our team members the inspiration and skills needed to pursue careers in STEM through competitive robotics programming.

Competitive robotics creates growth opportunities for students in the following ways:

Students need to work as a team to brain storm, make decisions, correct mistakes, and complete tasks to field a competition ready robot
Students need to work around skill, knowledge and time limitations to complete their assigned tasks
Students need to define roles, define responsibility, and hold each other accountable to ensure the project is well managed
Students need to design, build, code, and test robots capable of competing in the given year’s game
Students need to learn how to communicate, deal with failure and work through stress inducing situations to make sure the team is greater than the sum of its parts
Students need to compete head to head and along side students from a variety of schools, backgrounds, and skill levels to earn competition success
Students need to build a community coalition to increase the number of teams, increase the number and diversity of students involved and increase the community’s support for competitive robotics